Seraphim (Seraph, singular) are a first sphere classification of angel. Seraphim are the strongest class of angel, and unlike other classes, are rarely creatively gifted, at best being good mimic's, able to copy other's work perfectly. They are often said to be mirror's of perfection for this reason.

They are the rarest breed of angel, and highly prized as collectable.


Traditionally, Seraphim were shown as fiery serpents with six wings, two to cover their eyes, two to cover their feet and two to fly.

Seraphim on Earth can choose to appear human, but lose all otherworldly beauty in the process. Many gain weight and are prone to bad skin conditions, although rarely some will remain healthy and beautiful.  Many leave their wings, which are generally golden or red, unsheathed. The number of wings varies from three pairs all the way up to one hundred and forty-seven pairs.


Most Seraphim are strong-willed and will take their mission to save humanity very seriously, rarely compromising on their principals. Many Seraphim are disgusted by humanity, and believe the only cleasing of earth will be in fire.

Know OphanimEdit

Name Rank Ray Status
Gabriel Archangel


Michael Archangel Blue Unknown
Lucifer Fallen Archangel Violet Imprisoned
Raphael Archangel Green Wanderer
Uriel Archangel Purple/Gold Unknown