Ophanim (Ophan, singular) are a first sphere classification of angel. They were sent to Earth in it's early years to wander amongst the people and teach them to love. They soon, however, lost the ability to return to heaven and they spent their years wandering. They reproduced with humans, creating half-angels, who were little more then longer lived humans.

Ophanim detest violence and refuse to fight no matter how dire the situation. They are the one's who earned angels the reputation of being gentle and softly-spoken, a trait shared by the Cherubim.


Traditionally, ophanim appear as beryl-coloured wheels within wheels, their rims covered in eyes.

On Earth, Orphanim appear human with dark brown to grey wings, usually only one or two sets at most. As the first race to fall victim to human greed they will rarely be entirely unscarred.


Orphanim are favoured as slaves by the rich and famous as they are docile and will do whatever they are instructed to do. They are also gifted musicians and dancers, making them the best type of  'porcelan angel'.

Know OphanimEdit

Name Rank Ray Status


Arch-Angel Yellow Alive/Imprisoned
Chamuel Arch-Angel Pink/Ruby Unknown