Angel and demon classification is done in terms of spheres, with both angels and demons having three spheres. Each angelic sphere has a corresponding demonic sphere

First SphereEdit

First sphere classification denotes race, which determines physical characteristics, like size, shape and number of wings, physical strength and hair colour.

Angels Demons
Seraphim Fallen
Ophanim Succubi
Cherubim Incubi

Second SphereEdit

Second sphere classification denotes spiritual type, which determines the nature of an angels spiritual energy.

Angels Demons
Dominions Kingdoms
Virtues Deceptions
Powers Destroyers

Third SphereEdit

Third sphere classification determines social rank and responsibilities within heaven.

Angels Demons
Principalities Sins
Archangels Hellraisers
Angels Demons

Other ClassificationsEdit

Other classifications are used for any angel or demon with human blood.

  • Demi-angel
  • Half-angel
  • Half-demon